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Saturday, April 30, 2011

ADA and it's historical Significance

ADA, also commonly known as Americans with Disabilities Act, which is now integrating more and more Disabilities over the last couple of decades is an often misunderstood Federal Law. There seem to be more assumptions made, than having facts spoken of.

To get a better view about the ADA, please watch this video that is just a few minutes long.

Sadly, for those individulas who like my son, have what are called "invisible" or "silent" disabilities, getting the ADA to work for them is a chore, to say the least.

The less a person LOOKS disabled, the less likely that the ADA will benefit them. At least this is MY personal experience in regards to trying to have the ADA work in Bryce's favor. I'm still fighting to get simple accommodations at school. Not to mention, he is LEGALLY obliged to receive the 504 Plan. But again, the school is fighting me on that with mundane excuses.

Here's some facts about Invisible/Silent Disabilities.

We as individuals with invisible/silent disabilities and/or those as their caregivers need to get louder than we have been. We need to start shouting from the rooftops. Especially where CHILDREN are concerned. They are the most overlooked individuals.

Why? The simple answer is that because they are KIDS. Kids are stereotyped as being too young and should be able to have things "bounce off them" as if they were rubber balls. Basically, they are too young to be so inactive. Or too young to have "such things" (such as diabetes, which in its self can be QUITE debilitating).

Some children (and adults) don't "look" sick on the outside, but are debilitated on the inside. They may keep medical equipment within their vehicles, out of plan sight (which was the case with me as a small child), in case of an emergent situation.

For twenty years, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has fought long and hard for those that are VISUALLY (as in seen as they are physically disabled) disabled. Just within the past decade, that I MYSELF know of, have the silently disabled been justified with being included in the fight for Federal Law to also encompass their needs of inclusion and legal fairness to be seen and heard as having REAL disabilities and to be afforded the same rights and Due Processes as their visibly impaired counterparts.

I hope that this post has served it's purpose as being a learning tool, a historical piece, and a means to get more people involved in the movement to bring to light that those with silent/invisible disabilities can and ARE productive individuals within their communities and that they should be able to obtain the same rights and inclusions as those that are blind, deaf, physically and/or mentally challenged.

Monday, April 25, 2011

SSI/SSDI...What Are They?

My son gets SSI for children. He basically draws off of myself and/or my husband's collected Social Security benefits that I did at one time pay in to, and that my husband, through his employer, IS CURRENTLY paying in to.

Most people have a misconceived notion that my child draws off of ALL tax payers. Not true. It's off of myself and/or my husband, only.

Please watch the two following videos, especially the second one in regards to information pertaining to SSI/SSDI and what Mental Disorders/Illnesses MAY qualify to collect, and it's application processes.

*DISCLAIMER*... I do not endorse either of these gentlemen. I have not ever made contact with either, nor am I receiving any monetary gain for featuring these men and their companies.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Doing Things Different This Time.

I'd gotten a call out of the blue from Bryce's Case Manager over at Child And Family Services (where he gets his therapies as needed, and sees his Psychiatrist).

Before leaving from his appointment earlier in the month, I once more mentioned to be sure to let me know about Day Treatment Day Camp. I skipped last year as to give Bryce a "break". This year, that mistake will NOT happen again.

Plus, Bryce enjoys going! Hr goes to different places. And it's all-expense paid by the funds received by Day Treatment.

Medicaid picks up the tab for my child to go. Federal Grants and community donations help fund the various activities.

Not only does my son get to do fun things Monday through Friday, but he receives the help of a trained staff in behavioral issues, and talks with a registered Psychiatrist or Psychologist once a week.

But apparently (according to the Case Manager), things are going to be a tad bit different. In a GOOD way!

Those that pick which students are in need of Day Treatment services during the school year will be there to watch the kids that are NOT being served within the school setting (including MY kid) and observing them to see if indeed they can qualify for help and to get the ball rolling.

Two years now, two teachers agreed that Bryce needed extra help in the classroom. Behavior management, primarily. He's been disruptive of others, non-compliant at times, not staying on task or being well organized. And I can only do so much from home. And the teacher herself can only do so much individually with him, seeing as there is a minimum of 18 kids in her class that ALL demand attention at some point.

Even if he can get assistance via the Day Treatment Therapist for an hour a day, or every couple of days, I think, and truly believe that it would make a tremendous amount of difference.

And my hope is that when all is said and done with the summer's Day Treatment Camp and the observances made, that Bryce will be one of the ones that will be selected for the extra help.

Though, I must admit, it's a bit hard at times to stay positive or optimistic about things such as this. After being shot down, ran over, screwed over and flat-out denied so many times, it can sometimes be difficult to stay in that positive frame of mind. Especially since I have yet to be able to fill out the papers to place Bryce in DTC.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Break I can see will be breaking me.

I can only afford to do so much with the kids. It's not like I'm rich or something, ya know.

And having a child that can't seem to sit still or NOT not be doing something can pose quite the challenge for a mom who has her kids home for a week on Spring Break. And if you think I'm going to be nuts by the end of this week, just you all wait for Summer Vacation.

So far, I have planned to take the kids up to the school at least twice, once at the end of the week to meet up with some of my mommy-friends from my daughter's Kindergarten class. Of course siblings will be there, too, for a picnic/play date.

And being that we have a $1.50 theater, where movies about to go to Blu-Ray and DVD are viewed one last time in the theater. Of course, with cheap admission, comes overly priced popcorn, drinks and candy goodies. But it's worth it. We want to see "Gnomeo And Juliet".

Also, thanks to having a local Minor League Baseball Team, the Lynchburg Hillcats, I would like to try and take the kids for one or two home games. We love going to see the team play. And you never know when the team mascot, Southpaw will come over and give the kids a high-five or a hug. Or dance.

Add in that Bryce (and his sisters accordingly) love to play out in the back yard and ride their bikes, they will have something to always do, as long as the weather holds, of course.

But still, keeping an ADHD child busy can be serious business sometimes. This week isn't for sitting on my laurels and relaxing. It's housework, keeping kids in line and busy in one way or another, and having some serious fun.

Now, off to do the dishes, start laundry and clean our Bearded Dragon's cage.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Break...And Teacher Not Returning. Blog Hop LINK-UP, too!

Bryce told me on the way home from getting his sister from her track meet yesterday that after today, his Homeroom Teacher will not be returning.

She is nine months pregnant. Her first baby. And she is due on Bryce's old due date (how cool is that??). He's a bit bummed by it, but understands. Although I'm worried for the Substitute Teacher about to fill in after we get back from Spring Break, which is all of next week.

There's not much we can do next week, but maybe take them to Putt-Putt Mini Golf and maybe a picnic lunch at the school playground once or twice. And of course, on the beautiful days, it's going to be VERY little DS playing, and MUCH more OUTSIDE playing for all three brats.

Do you have a Spring Break coming up, had it, or don't get one?

And be sure to link your blog up (BELOW) and have a GREAT Friday! I will..I'll be with the wee ones in Kindergarten having fun egg hunting and having a "Spring Party" (gotta be PC, ya know!).

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yes, Celebs To Can Have Mental Illnesses

Everyone is human that walks on two legs and speaks a language. This includes high profile politicos, those in the music business, athletes, and entertainers.

Entertainers such as Catherine Zeta-Jones included. She has Bipolar II Disorder.

Differences in Bipolar I and Bipolar II are...

Bipolar Type 1

The type 1 bipolar disorder is characterized based on the occurrence of at least one manic episode, with or without the occurrence of a major depressive episode. The mania in this diagnosis is full-blown. This abnormality would usually last for a week at the very least. But there are cases that the bipolar patient is required to be confined for more than a week if hospitalized.

Symptoms of this type include the following:

* Self-esteem is high and the patient possesses a great deal of confidence.

* Ambitious attitude is apparent in this state.

* There is the feeling of sleeplessness.

* The patient tends to talk excessively.

* The patient has a tendency to think more than the usual.

The danger of this type is that the patient may hallucinate, losing his grasp of reality. In some cases of bipolar type 1, the patient is diagnosed as psychotic. In some books about bipolar disorder, bipolar type 1 is also called the "raging" bipolar.

Bipolar Type 2

The bipolar type 2 disorder is characterized by the occurrence of at least one hypomania episode and one major depressive state. Sometimes, this type may even have occurrences of more depressive episodes.

In some cases, hypomania actually enables the individual to excel in their fields of expertise. The state of hypomania can be apparent in people that are top achievers in the work environment and at parties. The symptoms in hypomania are mostly positive and may run for about four days before it subsides.

Though its manifestation is obvious and can be observed clearly by other people, the "swinging" bipolar (as it is aptly called) doesn't cause any disruption in normal functional settings. It doesn't cause any hospitalization to a hyperactive person and doesn't have psychotic tendencies.

Article Source: Ezine Articles

And yes, as such is the case with Catherine Zeta-Jones, stress can play a factor in the Bipolar patient's stability and ability to control their disorder, and function at more normal levels.

To read the full article about CZJ and her treatment, CLICK HERE.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Need A Place Other Than THIS Blog to share and talk?

Then you have a couple of options! One of them is brand-spanking new. The other is well, not so "new", but may be "new" to YOU. (=

First of all, 'The "Mental"-ist Mom' has it's very own "Like" page over on FaceBook.

There you will find direct links to new posts. Yo can also post to the page's wall with discussions, photos, links to other sites or to articles that you wish to share. Me casa, su casa is my motto!

Now for the BRAND NEW spot you can also find me at, and this blog's postings and other neat things...

The Blog Frog Community for 'The "Mental"-ist Mom' blog!

There's already some discussion topics up for you to join in with us. And please FEEL FREE to start discussions of your own...There's also room for GROUPS to be formed. If YOU wish to start a group, please contact me via message on TBF Community and I will make you an Admin of the site SPECIFICALLY to run YOUR group (only).

Have a wonderful Monday, everyone! And I hope that you will indeed "hop" on over to these pages and that we can converse soon. I LOVE interacting with my readers.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Blog Hop With the Weekend Wander Crew!

Happy Weekend to all! I hope your Saturday is quiet, stress free and full of fun.

It's that time again for Weekend Wander with the fab blogging community, For The Love Of Blogs.

Come and join in the fun! But first, be my guinea pig if you will and see if your link will post on my Inlinkz blog hop area. Just follow the directions (including about leaving a GENUINE comment on THIS post..As in NO copy/paste or a "I followed, now follow me" thing.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

He "Graduated"!! (Of Sorts)

Yesterday, Bryce had another medicine check appointment. But with his NEW (again) Case Manager tagging along.

We went through the usual jargon. How do I feel the levels are, how's he doing at home and at school. And how are the mood swings and yadda yadda.

After everything was hashed out like about the Accommodations problems with the school and about more Behavior Modifications at home and at school, and about upcoming Day Treatment Camp for the Summer, it was time to leave.

After I had picked up all THREE months worth of prescriptions (which to me felt funny), I said "so when are we coming back?". Well, my jaw hit the floor and I went bug eyed when I heard...

"Not for another three MONTHS (unless an emergency arises)".

This will be the longest length EVER for Bryce to be in between appointments. And this is a GOOD thing, seeing as it shows significant progress in his behaviors, struggles with his ODD, ADHD and his Mood Disorder. And it's a good sign that means the levels of dosages for his medications are right where they need to be.

So all in all, it was a pretty good appointment. I honestly could not ask for a better Psychiatrist for my son or other patients under his (the doctor's, of course) care. That man GENUINELY cares about the welfare of his pediatric patients AND their family unit (from siblings to the parents). And he NEVER disses an idea you give or gets huffy for saying "no" to a treatment or dosage change. He knows YOU are the parent and that indeed YOU as the parent, know YOUR child best.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Is...

I have a lot of causes and "awareness" topics/subjects I like to make others "aware" of. For one thing, I am a Transplant Recipient, so I have already posted about becoming a Registered Donor.

I have *tried* to bring forth attention/awareness to how Group Homes for the severely disabled are "ran". Sadly though, barely anyone read, let alone said ANYTHING about the atrocities that had taken place in that facilities and in others ALL OVER THE WORLD like it. I found and used a couple of videos from a (now closed) institution in Bulgaria. To read and watch the videos (that are heart breaking, but THEIR voices SHOULD be heard), please CLICK HERE.

Not only is this the month (April) for Organ/Eye/Tissue Donation Awareness, but also for Autism/Asperger's Awareness as well.

I personally highly suspect Asperger's in Bryce. But the doctor (is this a surprise?) INSISTS (without testing him, mind you) that he DOES NOT have ANY form of Autism.

These children (and adults) are more like us "neurotypical" folks than you think. They just have some quirks that can seem a tad bit odd to the lay person and see the world through a different pair of glasses than most other people do.

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