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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yes, Celebs To Can Have Mental Illnesses

Everyone is human that walks on two legs and speaks a language. This includes high profile politicos, those in the music business, athletes, and entertainers.

Entertainers such as Catherine Zeta-Jones included. She has Bipolar II Disorder.

Differences in Bipolar I and Bipolar II are...

Bipolar Type 1

The type 1 bipolar disorder is characterized based on the occurrence of at least one manic episode, with or without the occurrence of a major depressive episode. The mania in this diagnosis is full-blown. This abnormality would usually last for a week at the very least. But there are cases that the bipolar patient is required to be confined for more than a week if hospitalized.

Symptoms of this type include the following:

* Self-esteem is high and the patient possesses a great deal of confidence.

* Ambitious attitude is apparent in this state.

* There is the feeling of sleeplessness.

* The patient tends to talk excessively.

* The patient has a tendency to think more than the usual.

The danger of this type is that the patient may hallucinate, losing his grasp of reality. In some cases of bipolar type 1, the patient is diagnosed as psychotic. In some books about bipolar disorder, bipolar type 1 is also called the "raging" bipolar.

Bipolar Type 2

The bipolar type 2 disorder is characterized by the occurrence of at least one hypomania episode and one major depressive state. Sometimes, this type may even have occurrences of more depressive episodes.

In some cases, hypomania actually enables the individual to excel in their fields of expertise. The state of hypomania can be apparent in people that are top achievers in the work environment and at parties. The symptoms in hypomania are mostly positive and may run for about four days before it subsides.

Though its manifestation is obvious and can be observed clearly by other people, the "swinging" bipolar (as it is aptly called) doesn't cause any disruption in normal functional settings. It doesn't cause any hospitalization to a hyperactive person and doesn't have psychotic tendencies.

Article Source: Ezine Articles

And yes, as such is the case with Catherine Zeta-Jones, stress can play a factor in the Bipolar patient's stability and ability to control their disorder, and function at more normal levels.

To read the full article about CZJ and her treatment, CLICK HERE.

1 comment:

Kathy said...

I found you on Life's twisted stitches. I am a mom of three wonderful children each on with an "issue". My boys issues are fairly garden varitey, with dyslexia and possible ADHD. It is our daughter that is our enigma. She has a brain disorder that effects all aspects of her developement. She is also being treated on a bi-polar model. She can not function without her medication. It is great to find other moms out there dealing with similar things. Thanks! I'm a happy new follower!

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