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Thursday, April 7, 2011

He "Graduated"!! (Of Sorts)

Yesterday, Bryce had another medicine check appointment. But with his NEW (again) Case Manager tagging along.

We went through the usual jargon. How do I feel the levels are, how's he doing at home and at school. And how are the mood swings and yadda yadda.

After everything was hashed out like about the Accommodations problems with the school and about more Behavior Modifications at home and at school, and about upcoming Day Treatment Camp for the Summer, it was time to leave.

After I had picked up all THREE months worth of prescriptions (which to me felt funny), I said "so when are we coming back?". Well, my jaw hit the floor and I went bug eyed when I heard...

"Not for another three MONTHS (unless an emergency arises)".

This will be the longest length EVER for Bryce to be in between appointments. And this is a GOOD thing, seeing as it shows significant progress in his behaviors, struggles with his ODD, ADHD and his Mood Disorder. And it's a good sign that means the levels of dosages for his medications are right where they need to be.

So all in all, it was a pretty good appointment. I honestly could not ask for a better Psychiatrist for my son or other patients under his (the doctor's, of course) care. That man GENUINELY cares about the welfare of his pediatric patients AND their family unit (from siblings to the parents). And he NEVER disses an idea you give or gets huffy for saying "no" to a treatment or dosage change. He knows YOU are the parent and that indeed YOU as the parent, know YOUR child best.


Not a Perfect Mom said...

that is so fantastic! I'm pysched for you and Bryce..hoping you go the whole 3 months!!

Slidecutter said...

Well, that sounds very promising; I'm happy for Bryce and, of course, you! Glad as well that you have a doctor who listens and cares; that can be a rare combination to find.

Will keep the best of thoughts that these 3 months go by smoothly!


TriGirl said...

Hi, stopping by from Comment Love on FTLOB! It sounds like you have a good thing going right now! Finding a doctor who respects you is so important; here's to a great 3 months!

Anonymous said...

My brothers are both ADHD and up until the doctor retired, they went to the same psychiatrist. From what I can gather from my parents, he was WONDERFUL and was just as you describe Bryce's doctor. The one time I met my brother's doctor, he sensed that I have ADD (which I think I do, except for the fact that I get good grades). So it's safe to say that when he retired, my parents and brothers were sad to see him go.

Sarah the Writer
This Writer's Journey
Hopping over from FTLOB Comment Love Day!

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