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Sunday, June 5, 2011

I have decided to take a Blogging Hiatus for the Summer.

Due to different factors, including, but not limited to the fact that my readership is apparently down, and the time I take to piece some of these together (mainly on one of my other blogs), I think this is the best option for me at this time.

There's chance that I will post once in a while while on this hiatus. But I am looking for this to be once in a blue moon, of sorts. I have a lot on my plate. And I feel that I must remove some of my "activities", with Blogging being one of them. And quite possibly, using Twitter, as well.

I'm hopeful that you all will understand. But it's time to put my family, Summer activities (if any) and above all things, MYSELF first, above the Blogosphere.

Thanks for understanding. And I'll see ya around, my friends.

P.S. ~ I plan on posting this in all four of my pages.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

PYHO Wednesday With Shell.

It is time again for another harrowing episode of...Oh wait! This isn't a Daytime Drama. Then again, it IS "my" drama". Oh hell! Just know I am about to Pour My Heart Out with Shell over at Things I Can't Say.


This Meme/Blog Carnival for many of us is an outlet. Especially for those of us that need a "safe haven" to vent in, away from those that would more wish to hurt us more, than to lend understanding and support. So, if you CANNOT say anything constructively if you DISAGREE, then I suggest you move on. Because believe you me, if Angel over at A Tall Drink Of Sweet Tea catches that you have been bad on the PYHO posts, it is HER that you will be answering to, via her "Flaming Redhead" Vlog.

Now onward...

Bryce had been "pre-authorized" via his insurance to be "Partially Hospitalized" for attending the Day Treatment Summer program this year. So, after playing the game "I wonder if she is EVER going to call" with the Case Manager (CM), I called HER and got the lovely line about how she was GOING TO call me "today". In other words she got caught with her pants down for dropping the proverbial ball.

We decided that I go over to the office to sign the paperwork on Thursday of last week. Now mind you, I had to be outside in the heat a majority of that day at school for their Field Day activities. Plus my husband worked an odd schedule from the norm, by working that day as well. So yes, to go in to the nice, air conditioned office across town later that day completely slipped my mind..All the way through until Sunday.

Today is Wednesday. And I guess that I will be (once again) the one to call HER about coming in TOMORROW for certain (on my husband's actual day off each week) to sign the papers as to officially let Bryce start on Monday at the camp.

You would think that seeing as the lady who is new to her profession of being a CM. would CALL and ensure that all is okay because we had missed an appointment to sign paperwork. Yes, I should have probably called her on Tuesday (being Monday was a holiday). But the last I heard, she gets PAID to do her job of MAKING CALLS to her various clients to check on them (at least) once a month.

What do you want to bet that when I call in about an hour, that she will use the line (again) about her planning on calling me later today. Whatever, lady!

I hate how my kid and the other kids under the care of these Case Managers get bounced around like a ball from one CM to another. They get used to a certain person. Some of them take a good while to get anywhere close to the person who has become the norm in their lives. Suddenly and most of the time, without warning, that CM is "taken away and replaced" with a new CM that the poor kid has to adjust to.

Personally, I find it sadly mishandled in that area. These kids THRIVE on stability, routine and closeness with those that they deem "fit" to be a part of their world.

I can understand getting promoted (as his last CM did). But to switch them as to "rotate" them with the clients of the agency? C'mon!

Oh, and I have YET to even hear a peep from the dumb woman in regards to trying to get Bryce back in to In-Home Therapy, which then YES, would switch him to a QUALIFIED in-home therapist and behavior specialist. I strongly feel it's time again. Needless to say, I bet you two to one, the bitch never "staffed" it with her boss, yet. Wouldn't surprise me in the least at this point.
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