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Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Break...And Teacher Not Returning. Blog Hop LINK-UP, too!

Bryce told me on the way home from getting his sister from her track meet yesterday that after today, his Homeroom Teacher will not be returning.

She is nine months pregnant. Her first baby. And she is due on Bryce's old due date (how cool is that??). He's a bit bummed by it, but understands. Although I'm worried for the Substitute Teacher about to fill in after we get back from Spring Break, which is all of next week.

There's not much we can do next week, but maybe take them to Putt-Putt Mini Golf and maybe a picnic lunch at the school playground once or twice. And of course, on the beautiful days, it's going to be VERY little DS playing, and MUCH more OUTSIDE playing for all three brats.

Do you have a Spring Break coming up, had it, or don't get one?

And be sure to link your blog up (BELOW) and have a GREAT Friday! I will..I'll be with the wee ones in Kindergarten having fun egg hunting and having a "Spring Party" (gotta be PC, ya know!).


Kathy said...

We do have spring break comming up this week as well! I am hoping we have some great weather too. It is hard when teachers leave, when my oldest was in third grade his inclusion teacher left at the end of April, he was excited for her but a little worried about the sub. All went well, but I don't like change any more than my kids do! Have a great break!

Ross said...

I'm glag I found you blog through FTLOB. I have my own site at which I've had up running for a while now. I started the site because I was diagnosed with a disease called CRPS and wanted to raise a greater awareness. I look forward to reading more of your great site!

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