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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Verbal Abuse/Assault. I'm tired of it.

Verbal assaults. Gotta love 'em. Yeah, I just LOVE getting yelled at by a ten year old. And over what are seemingly mundane things.

Like getting up for school and being told that I will NOT "cater" to his every whim as if he is a two year old.

This merry-go-round is getting to be an insanely OLD ride. I want to get the hell off the damn thing.

Why me? Why am I to be the "lucky" one to be bombarded in this manner? I'm just completely TIRED of this shit.

All I hear from Bryce is that he is a "tween" and is ten years old. And that he is a "big boy" now.

But each time he acts the way he did this morning, I remind him that he is NOT acting his age and that for being a "tween", he being more like a "toddler".

I came THIS close to back handing him in the face for being so verbally abusive to me. Telling me to shut up and to not tell him what to do. And for yelling at me for MAKING HIM get up for school.

Now, for the next 4 to 8 weeks, he will be WITHOUT his Nintendo DS, computer time and be in bed by nine o'clock EVERY night (including the weekend). If he keeps pushing me, it's going to be moved back to 8:30 or even eight PM.

I'm at a point where if this crap doesn't change, and soon, I'll seek out a detention home or a group facility for the behaviorally challenged (which there IS one or two in our area for kids with these types of special needs).

I deserve better than this. So do the girls. We should NOT be subjected (almost daily) to verbal assaults and threats. Nor should we be getting physically harmed due to my son's lack of control.


Dez said...

You're absolutely right sis and trust me when I say this is something that will continue to be a struggle for you for many years, even if his behavior switched overnight. It might be time to seek more advanced help for him. No one deserves to be verbally or physically abused, especially by their own child.

Renegades said...

Sorry to read about your struggles. Sometimes it takes tough love to help rough situations.

Good luck.

Not a Perfect Mom said...

I imagine this totally sucks right now, BUT-you're absolutely doing the right thing...boundaries need to be set and as parents we need to teach manners and the proper way to treat people...
breathe in....breathe out...
and the whole tween thing? what the fuck ever...whoever invented that should be shut kids another excuse to be mouthy

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