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Thursday, May 12, 2011

To Those That are Wondering...

Why? Why do I do it? Why do I put it ALL out there on the line on my blog? But not just this blog, but two of my three other blogs as well. My fourth is just an interest/enthusiast blog, so to me it doesn't "technically" count.

Bryce and I are a lot alike. But we are also different. At least where childhood is concerned.He is currently legally disabled via our state and receives funds and services due to his disabilities. I got funds, services and a handicap parking spot when I was little.

Back then, I was ridiculed, teased and shunned for being different. My son is now going through it. Almost daily. Especially where one kid is concerned. I'm doing what I can to get my son to just walk away, NOT say a word and tell an adult. This kid even rides the bus with my kids, and yes the driver has had to speak to the brat who yells sometimes awful things from his seat window.

I was more so different on the outside of my body. My son is different on the inside of his. Primarily his brain functions where emotions, thoughts, processing and maturity are concerned. But he still has the tics that get worse depending on his anxiety/stress level and his medications.

Some people wonder how I can go and "put it all out there" for the world to see on the internet. How I can be with my life. Maybe part of it stems from being shunned as a child for being different and forcing me to be a bit more secluded.

Then again, my mom, who I understand that in her own way, had the best of intentions, made sure that I had a bubble-environment childhood as to "keep me safe". It was bad enough I could never REALLY learn to swim or do a few other things because of the trache. It was bad enough I couldn't talk til almost three years old, or take my first REAL drink from a bottle or sippy cup until I was about two years old. But I missed out on sports opportunities, having more than just a few friends that I could basically count on one and a half hands.

We as a society were not AS open about disabilities, especially intellectual ones when I was small. In fact it wasn't until I was in my late teens or early twenties that subjects that were before considered "taboo" were coming to the forefront of news, information and education among the masses.

Autism (in all its forms), ADD/ADHD, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia and other "hidden" diseases/disorders such as Diabetes (both Type 1 and Type 2).

And with this blog that I write in, to tell the life of what it's like to parent a child with a long list of mental/emotional/behavior disorders, what it's like for HIM and us as a family unit, is for one, an OUTLET for me...I struggle almost daily trying to deal with (like this week) his severe mood swings and other "quirks" as I also parent two NT girls that were birthed before and after my son.

Also, it shows our family dynamic and how it works. We aren't the Brady Bunch, but we aren't like the Cleavers from Leave It To Beaver, either. Think more along the line of The Simpson's, crossed with a hint of the Huxtible's (sp?) from The Bill Cosby Show.

Also, I use this blog as an education and informational tool as to help others understand my child and those like him. He isn't your "average" kid by a long shot. Heck I STILL am surprised at certain things that come out of his mouth as he speaks his ideas and how he views his world.

I'm NOT one to shy my children away from the world. I don't go around prancing and telling everyone if I'm taking a dump in the toilet, nor do I give my exact address/phone number UNLESS I know you on a personal level.

But I do let you, the reader take a peek in to the window of what I call my life and the life of my family. Because I know that there ARE those that truly wish to gain insight from those that ARE there, or at the very least have been there. And believe me when I say that no two families that are dealing with the struggles we do, are alike in EVERY aspect. We all as a family, and as a Special Needs Parent/Blogger have our own unique things to offer.

I may "teach" something to someone here. But I can easily learn from a fellow SN parent from their blog, too. My son and I, and our family face new challenges EVERY single day. And it feels good to know that I'm not only NOT alone, but that I am in good company.


Slidecutter said...

I love what you share..and appreciate it! There isn't a soul out there having a child with some type of disability who cannot relate and..if they fail to, it's called denial.

We are not perfect, not in any sense of the word; everyone has their particular "quirks"; how we deal with them and how we help others to function, and learn, is what's important.

Anyone who stands in the sidelines, pointing fingers at what, or who, they deem as "different" are truly.. disabled.


Renegades said...

I blog about reality for many reasons also. One is simply it's great free therapy.

Not a Perfect Mom said...

why on earth would anyone question why you blog? why do any of us blog?
if someone doesn't like it then they don't have to read it...
and it's awesome that you do put yourself and your fam out there, who knows who you may be helping?
don't sweat it babe...
although knowing you, you don't!

Missy (& various in Transplant blog) said...

Kathy said...

Thank you for a beautiful post! I am dyslexic, it was not caught till I was fourteen. I was a little slow learning social cues and had a hard time as a kid because of it. I pounced on my childrens issues because of my own and have been very open about our family in all it's glory. I always appreciate you candid posts but I also like that you are very personal without being private. Thank you!
May 13, 2011 4:31 PM

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