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Friday, March 18, 2011

Mama's Coming Out With Guns A' Blazin'!

That's it! I'm done. I can no longer keep up the facade and make it like I will just "go with the flow". For the last (almost) four (school) years, I have done everything in my power to ensure that Bryce gets SOMETHING. A 504, an IEP, or just a few SIMPLE accommodations.

LEGALLY, by state and by FEDERAL law, he is ENTITLED to services. He falls well within the IDEA provisions to receive services for his disabilities.

The Case Managers that my son has had over the last several years have all written the schools (two different ones) letters of explanations of each disorder, what medications he is on, and what serves are HIGHLY recommended to utilize to let Bryce have the best possible educational outcome.

No matter what though, these people have trampled over the laws, me, the doctor, the Case Manger, and worse yet, my child.

Well, to that, I say...


For far too long, the school system has bucked the Medical System. Now, I'm done playing around and having lies told right in front of my face when I forge ahead to get services during Child Study Meetings.

Now, I am looking in to pulling in a Disability Rights Advocate. Their office is located in Richmond, Virginia. This is the last step before seeking a Disabilities Rights ATTORNEY and fighting the Schools (Administration, down to the school its self) in court.

I'm not only going this far for MY child. But I feel that I am representing HUNDREDS of families in my state by fighting back and saying "no more!". The Psychiatrist once told me that when I write to Congressmen (which I have several times), I am not only representing myself and my child, but representing up to 1,000 parents and children in the same boat as us. It's apparently a statistical fact.

So when I begin the uphill battle (yet another) to obtain what is RIGHTFULLY and also JUSTLY my child's to obtain, I am not only going to be fighting for him and my family, I will be willingly taking on the challenge to make a difference for hundreds or thousands of families in just my area alone.


JudiElise said...

Go for it!! Fight for Bryce and every other child that gets looked over and ignored.

I had to bring in a Disability Advocate (she was a former nurse who went back for her law degree). It took that for my son to get an aide for the next 4 years, and ALL of his services. Now, he is in college.

I stand behind you!

Mrs. No-No said...

Wow! Guns blazing is right! It's hard work, but sounds like being an advocate (not just for your son, but for everyone in need in your community) will be just up your alley! Good luck! We will be watching to see what happens!

Anonymous said...

Go for it and keep those guns a blazin' right up to the attorney if you need to. You should. I'm sorry you have to fight such a battle for your son's right to learn. Don't give up.

Sherri said...

Wow. How disappointing in the school system. Fight. I have witnessed the battle that many parents go thru & have ALWAYS admired them the most!! Good luck!!
You have the most honest & well written posts, that often tug at my heartstrings! Thanks for sharing them!!

Not a Perfect Mom said...

you go mama! we are our child's biggest advocates! I almost cringe the day my youngest starts public school...I know I'll have to constantly fight for her rights...but that's what we do!
good luck

Michelle said...

I wish that we had more parents like you where I teach. I'm a Special Education teacher and most of the parents I come into contact with and are denial and refuse to all our school to provide their child with services. I think it's great that you feel so strongly on this!

Have a great weekend! :)

Stopping by from FTLOB's Weekend Wander :)

Alex said...

You do what you have to do for your son....

The Drama Mama said...

Whatever you need from me, let me know. Being in the same state, maybe I can help you. All you have to do is let me know what you need.

It's not fair, it's not right, but we are the moms who will stand up and fight.

The Drama Mama said...

Hey, I just made my daughter's blog (our journey with co-morbid conditions) private and would like to invite you to read. How do I do this?

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