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Monday, March 14, 2011

I Ripped In To The (Substitute) School Nurse.

I honestly didn't mean to. And it was out of anger more than anything, as well as being tired of the "same shit, different day" call.

Yes, it IS true that Bryce did NOT have his Vyvanse this morning. And no, the school has no more of his "back up" pills on stand by. Yes, his not getting his ADHD med this morning was/is MY fault (and his dad's) because we accidentally left it in the glove compartment after taking it with us on an outing yesterday morning.

After speaking both with the (sub) school nurse and with Bryce himself as to what was going on with his "screaming and yelling fit" (which he claims he was NOT acting out), I honestly cannot say at this point who is telling me the truth between him and his teacher.

Why yes I did say that his teacher MAY be *lying*. Because if my son has ANY type of fit (be it mild or otherwise), they call me and AUTOMATICALLY assume that Bryce didn't have his ADHD medicine and will proceed to ask if indeed he did have it or not. In which case, he IS medicated (at home) about 98% of the time.

Also note, that I have told them time and time again, like a damned broken ass record, that it is *NOT* the Vyvanse that controls his mood swings. The Seroquel is used for that issue. And even then, it will not 100% curb them.

Plus add in the fact (and yes it IS indeed listed on his paperwork in the school files, as are ALL of his mental health problems/issues) that he has Sensory Processing issues. And guess what? THAT may very well be the ACTUAL culprit at hand as to why he *supposedly* acted out and had a meltdown.

The Master Gardners Association is at the school this morning and apparently there is A LOT of people in the cafeteria for this, with A LOT of different noises, sights and voices all going at one time. That amounts to WAY TOO MUCH for Bryce to take in all at one time.

No medication will help that! NOTHING. That is a sensory issue with the brain that NO drug will "help". I'm sick of my kids' school thinking that ANY "mental health medication" will be the CURE ALL as to help the teachers and school staff to "handle" these kids. The damn pills are NOT the complete answer, nor is it the ONLY way to "help" these kids meet their FULLEST potential.

WORKING WITH THEM, be it one-on-one or in groups within the classrooms, ALONG WITH the "aid" of the medications is the "cure all" to helping children with various mentally incapacitating disorders/disabilities. Not just to "drug them up" as to SHUT THEM UP.

If I could I would at least pull Bryce out of the Public Schools system and either place him in a Private School setting or even better yet, Home School. But I refuse to Home School for various reasons. One is the patience factor and the point that at some point, I would not have the knowledge to keep going with teaching.

This school has known of ALL of his problems since day one. And legally he DOES meet the requirements for Specialized Services. But their excuses of not complying with the law is that his Academic scores, which meet or even exceed standards for his grade level do not "permit" him to have even simple Requests for Adjustments met. Like isolation for test-taking or even having the help of Day Treatment for times like what *supposedly* happened today.

Now, I am even closer to, if not actually ready to contact the offices of the Disability Rights Advocacy Group in Richmond, Virginia. My son and I have been bullied and passed up long enough.


singedwingangel said...

Yeah go over their heads. Their outright refusal to acknowledge his issues is bullshit period. They don't want to take the time to do right by him.. and their refusal could cost them more. I am almost sure if they refuse to make the adjustments they can be forced to pay for a private school that can and will do it..

Slidecutter said...

I'm with angel; don't walk, run over their heads and demand some type of meeting; present all the issues and let them know what is needed, what you want and how soon.

My experience here in NY with my son years ago was some sound research into our district after they tried sending us a tuition bill for almost $17 grand for an alternative school for our kid.

Went before the school board and informed them that they were responsible for his tuition even if we elected to put him into a private school but not without much screaming and yelling from one of the board members about us "outsiders moving to the area and demanding everything."

End result? I won.

Wishing you much luck!


Slidecutter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pr0udmom0f3 said...

I'm getting sick of whomever is posting a comment on posts on this blog, only to DELETE them after the fact...I have thicker skin than what people think.

This is the THIRD time on this blog that someone has posted, only to remove their comment on THIS blog.

If you don't have the balls to post a comment and LEAVE IT UP, then I suggest that you REFRAIN from posting a comment to my blog area PERIOD.

Patty and Angel, thank you. And believe me, I am in the process of finding info on the Disability Rights Advocates here in the area and up north near and in Washington. His Case Manager will be helping me with it and even said it is time to do so.

TexaGermaNadian said...

Holy, I cant even imagine how you keep it together in situations like these. I hope the teachers isn't lying, but then again I don't think your son is either. Good for you taking a stand. You must do what is best for him, and you clearly know that. Anyone else in the 'right' will be behind you!

pr0udmom0f3 said...

Lindsey, I actually felt BAD when I heard the conflicting stories and thought about the possibility of the teacher lying (or even embellishing the 'story')..

But after being ran over by the school system so many times over him and his needs, and the knowledge that they have all-out LIED during Child Study Meetings where I WAS THERE in the room as to find a "loophole" to not "pay for services" (which they would have to under Pub. Ed. laws and being services are provided during school hours in their setting), it really is hard to believe a place that has "cried wolf" one too many times.

But on the flip side, Bryce lies enough both at school and at home, it is hard (and disheartening) to know in the back of your mind that he too could say he didn't when he really did as to get out of being in trouble for causing such a ruckus, and knowing that he could have asked to leave the area.

Slidecutter said...

Just wanted you to know that I deleted my duplicate comment today; the page froze and I hit "comment" again making my one post appear twice. I should have explained apologies!!

pr0udmom0f3 said...

Patty, I'll let you "slide". (=

But I do know of at least one or two other comments that were "removed by author" and it wasn't you. Sorry if you felt I jumped down your throat. Didn't mean too, if it's the case.

Slidecutter said...

Oh shucks...I absolutely did NOT feel that way; just remembered, after the fact, that I should have done the polite-bloggy thing and left an explanation after I deleted my duplicate comment.

Please keep me (all of us) updated on Bryce's school situation.

Many hugs,


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