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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My version of "normal".

Yeah. It's me again. Just felt the need to say this..

My son is "different", being he has Tardive Diskenesia, brought on as side effects due to his medications. He has times where his tongue moves in and out (kind of like a snake). He inner-touches his fingers. His speech is "jumbled" at times and he seemingly has a stuttering problem.

Also, he can have massive melt downs about the littlest thing. What is trivial to "normal" people is "life changing" or so-called "earth-shattering" things to him.

He cannot handle change well. Sudden changes primarily (substitutes at school, major changes of a room's structure, etc.). Nor can he handle changes in his daily routines without advanced (at least a couple of hours, if not days) warning. Same with changing his environment.

Aside from all of that, he is your average nine-year-old boy. He loves his Hot Wheels, his Transformers, to ride his bike and hang with his friends (the few he has).

Wait a sec... Did I say he is "NORMAL"? Yes. Yes indeed I did. Even after all that I had listed above, my son IS a normal child. Maybe not society's view of 'normal'. But normal none the less.

He's "normal" to me at least. I see him no other way.

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