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Monday, February 21, 2011

Psychological Effects From A Robbery

On Saturday, February 12th, my home was broken in to. Thankfully, none of us were home at the time of the robbery. I don't care about the money that was taken. And even if more than money was stolen, I wouldn't care about that either. What I DO care about is the psychological effects that it has had on my three children. Especially my son.

Both of the girls are handling things okay. For the most part. They get a little more antsy and jumpy if Dad has to work a late shift. But my son is worried, jumpy and scared of WHEN IT DOES, not IF it happens again.

Now any and every little bump or creak, primarily at night has him practically jumping out of bed (and his skin), begging for the answer to "what was THAT?!?".

In his little mind, which was already in a CONSTANT speed of thought before the robbery took place is now constantly thinking of WHEN IT DOES happen again and has been hatching different "plans of action" for if it happens if we happen to be home, and without Dad around.

It's bad enough he has an Anxiety Disorder. But this makes it a bit worse with his already-constant worrying.

It's no secret in my home that I have young children. Not with books, toys and pictures strewn all over the place on shelves, table tops and in boxes.

Instead of the person thinking about the FACT of there being SMALL children in the victim's home, they ONLY thought of themselves, the money, and the DRUGS that they were wanting to score.

The perp(s) not only rifled through MY bedroom, the living room, and even my laundry room, but also through my daughter's purse (thankfully she had her money on her that night) and both of the kid's bedrooms looking for money.

They did NOT just violate me, my psyche and my things. They violated my children! Now all three of them are worried of there being a next time. Though the girls are dealing with it much better. Sure Bryce could be A LOT worse with his anxiety level being even higher than normal. But it's worse enough.

They took away my children's innocence, security, safety and psychological ease when they took the money.

And now, the Walgreen's up the street the other night was robbed. ONLY OF MONEY. Strange. My husband and I strongly wonder if by chance the guy that was arrested for that was OUR robber as well. Being that in BOTH places, he only wanted cash. And in BOTH places, there are some "good" prescription drugs that he COULD HAVE taken to get high with, but did NOT. Only wanted the cash both at the Drug Store and here in my house. And he is built like a man that could have kicked my kitchen door in, that was BOLT locked, only to tear one side of the door frame clean off.

Do the math. If it DOES happen to be him, heck yes, I'm pressing charges. And not JUST for robbery.


Rachel said...

I am so sorry that this happened to y'all!! :( My friend Elizabeth had her home broken into last month. They took all of her electronics and any cash they could find (they even took her kids piggy banks. She said her 9 year old is having a hard time dealing with it.)

Shell said...

What a tough thing to have to explain to your kids!

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Having your home invaded and vandalized by someone is among the most difficult situations to wrap your head around. To feel so violated, then trying to explain it to your children... I hope your son is alright and recovers quickly from the shock. Sounds like the same guy, sticking to an area that he knows/feels comfortable with. Good luck!

Slidecutter said...

I am so very sorry that you all had to go through this horrible invasion of your lives.

Am just catching up with your blogs now that you're, thankfully, back with all of us.

Prayers and good thoughts for you and your family.

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