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Friday, February 4, 2011

Friends Are Hard To Come By In This World. (BLOG HOP..Add your link!)

No, I don't mean within THE world in general. But within MY world, and that of my son's.

Unless you (generally speaking) and your child go through what kinds of things we do on a daily basis, then no one can quite understand or comprehend my family's reality of daily living.

So, as you can imagine, friends who REALLY can understand and WANT TO understand, let alone accept my kid for WHO he is, not how he can act are pretty hard to come by.

Same goes for Bryce. He has a few friends. But otherwise, he is pretty much an "outcast" at school. Let's just say, kids can be pretty mean. Even in the fourth grade. And I know with Middle School looming upon him, it WILL get worse before it gets ANY better.

But, what few friends that my son DOES have, they see PAST his disabilities and his Tics, and see the REAL Bryce. The sweet, friendly, caring boy that he really is.

So, take the time to make a new and "different" kind of friend. And don't let outward and seemingly awkward appearances fool you. Because if they are like my son, once a friend, you have a friend for LIFE.

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Have a FAB Friday, everyone!

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